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The Stevens Initiative launches expanded virtual exchange programmes

The Stevens Initiative, known for its virtual exchange programmes, has recently announced a significant expansion of its offerings. Originally focused on the Middle East and North Africa, the Initiative has now broadened its reach to include youth from Mexico and Ukraine with the ultimate goal of enhancing accessibility and broadening the scope of its programmes across Latin America. This marks a crucial step in their mission to offer global experiences to every young person. 

Thanks to the financial backing from the Bezos Family Foundation, these virtual exchange programmes are available at no cost. The Stevens Initiative has identified select virtual exchange providers that will serve as a centralised hub of programmes available. These include key virtual exchange providers like AFS Intercultural Programs, Educación para Compartir, Global Nomads Group, iEARN-USA, and IREX, with organisations like Digital Promise and Global Ties U.S. leveraging their networks to facilitate a pipeline for programme implementation. These partnerships aim to seamlessly integrate these global experiences into educational settings for youth.  

For those interested in joining or learning more, visit the Stevens Initiative website.