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STEM Education for Innovation: Women in the Forefront – Conference

ACA member Perspektywy is organising the conference STEM Education for Innovation: Women in the Forefront, to be held on 31 May - 1 June 2016 in the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. This conference will gather a large array of STEM experts, STEM educators, innovators, representatives of high tech industry, community leaders and policy makers.    The conference will focus on formulating solutions which would ensure speeding up of the social, economic and civic development thanks to better education in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and more efficient development of career paths in this field.  A goal is to strengthen efforts towards utilising women’s potential in the STEM area, that is still underrepresented and left idle. Another important element will be the competencies requirements of the ICT industry. The conference is to feature 50 speakers from 12 countries such as: United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Belarus, Ireland, Slovakia, Ethiopia, and USA. They will include Steven Zipkes, winner of the National STEM Visionary award (USA), Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol, Vice President of Robert Bosch Foundation (Germany) and Prof. Whitney Hischier, Director Center for Executive Education of Haas School of Business University of California Berkeley. The results of the STEM Ranking, defining the schools with best teaching of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science, will be announced during the conference. The conference will be opened by Paul W. Jones, the US Ambassador in Poland. Perspektywy warmly welcomes you to attend, to be inspired, and to make a valuable contribution to the future arena of STEM, advancing its role in driving social, economic and gender developments. Find out more here:  STEM Education for Innovation: Women in the Forefront Register here
Special events at the conference