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Spanish government presents new University System Law

In May 2022 the Minister of Universities of Spain, Joan Subirats and the Secretary General of Universities, José Manuel Pingarrón, presented the new University System Law (LOSU). If parliamentary approval is secured, this new law would come into effect as soon as 2023.

Under this law, the international mobility of students and of administrative and teaching staff becomes a priority. In addition, study visas are streamlined to attract foreign talent. Thirdly, after the completion of undergraduate, master's or postgraduate studies, foreigners will be able to apply for a two-year visa to conduct internships or work assignments.

"The Europeanisation of the (Spanish) university system is not only a necessity but a requirement," highlighted Minister Subirats.

Other priorities, highlighted in the LOSU, include the reduction of precariousness in the university system, the promotion of life-long learning, the attraction of prestigious professors and researchers, both national and foreign, as well as the effective shortening and stabilisation of academic careers.

Read the press release in Spanish here.