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Spain to set up national agency for internationalisation

The Spanish Ministerial Council has approved the establishment of a new national agency for the promotion of Spanish higher education and the reinforcement of student mobility, in and out of Spain. This initiative is a key element in the Estrategia Universidad 2015, a strategy developed by the Spanish Ministry of Education in order to keep up the pace in the internationalisation race and to comply with the Lisbon objectives towards the creation of a European Higher Education Area.    

The government seeks the collaboration of the universities and regional governments in concretising, as the agency will be called. Many aspects, such as the legal status of the organisation or the relation and collaboration with existing bodies such as EduEspaña and CRUE (the Spanish Rectors' Conference), are still to be clarified.

Though this initiative is Europe-driven, is also to play a large role in the development of an Ibero-American Knowledge Space and will incite more intensive collaboration between Spanish and Latin American universities.

Estrategia Universidad 2015