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South Africa-Norway tertiary education development programme – Report

Review of South Africa - Norway tertiary education development programme (SANTED), S. Hansen, H. Africa, A. Boeren, Oslo 2005.

This report reveals the findings of the South Africa-Norway Tertiary Education Development Programme (SANTED) project, launched by the Norwegian embassy in South Africa in November 2000 as a five-year programme with a tentative budget of NOK 54 million. The idea for this project came at a time in which South African higher education institutions were financially unsustainable, politically and managerially unstable and delivered mainly low quality student outputs. The focus of the project was on access and retention projects at two universities, capacity building in the areas of finance, administration and human resources management.

The authors conclude that had it not been for the Norwegian support, it would have been very difficult to find other external support for the University of Fort Hare (UFH) and University of Zululand (UNIZUL) reform projects, which were needed to turn around their precarious situation.

SANTED project report