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Social Science Report 2010

International Social Science Council (ISSC) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Social Science Report 2010: Knowledge divides.  UNESCO Publishing, Paris, 2010. ISBN: 978923 1041310. Pages: 443.

On 25 June the Social Science Report 2010, described as “the first comprehensive overview of the field in over a decade”, was presented at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The report describes the huge disparities in research capacities across countries and stresses the fragmentation of knowledge that impedes the capacity of the social sciences to react to current challenges.

Which nations control most of the publishing activities of social science journals worldwide? What are the top disciplines with the greatest number of publications in the world? In which countries are research and publication in the social sciences most rapidly developing? Is it true that the strongest growth in the number of articles published in this field can be observed in Latin America and Europe? And where do we see a sharp drop in these numbers? The Social Science Report 2010 provides answers to these important questions and examines other essential topics from a global and comparative perspective.

The full report can be downloaded from UNESCO website.