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Social and Economic Conditions of Student Life in Europe

Hauschildt, K., Gwosć, C., Schrimer, H., & Cras, F. August 2021. Social and Economic Conditions
of Student Life in Europe. 

The latest EUROSTUDENT report explores the social dimension of higher education and how it has played an important role in the Bologna Process of the EHEA. The main objective of the social dimension is “that the composition of the student body entering, participating in and completing higher education at all levels should correspond to the heterogeneous social profile of society at large in the EHEA countries.” 

By collecting data on the social and economic conditions of in Europe, the EUROSTUDENT project aims to ensure that important indicators are available on the currents state of the social dimension in many EHEA countries, providing a data basis for monitoring and evaluation. 

The EUROSTUDENT topics cover all aspects of current student life. Regarding international student mobility, it not only offers insights into students’ activities abroad and recognition thereof by HEIs in their country of origin, but also into obstacles to mobility for students that have not spent study periods abroad. 

EUROSTUDENT is based on students’ self-reported data. This dataset therefore serves an important monitoring function to describe, explain, and assess the state of the social dimension in the EHEA. 

Generally, across all EUROSTUDENT countries, students without a tertiary education background less frequently indicate intending or preparing a temporary study abroad than students with a tertiary education background. 

More information on current EUROSTUDENT trends can be found here