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Slovakia: New reform of the National Education Programme

The Ministry of Education in Slovakia presented the new national programme for enhancing learning and education in Slovakia on March 15. The programme should serve as a platform for reform meant to guide fundamental changes in the educational sector and aims to reform university education, teachers´work, new accreditation of universities,  and more. 

The reform have also devises plans to increase internationalization of higher education, support academic staff and student exchange mobilities, attract more overseas students and open up new possibilities of national and international joint study programmes.

In the following  five weeks, the document will be available online in an attempt to engage a community of experts and the broad public in a discussion on the reform. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to propose suggestions and create incentives to ensure that the reform will be apolitical, future-proof and taking into account the needs of the Slovak citizens.

Press Release on New Reform of National Education Programme in Slovakia (only in Slovak)

Full document: New Reform of National Education Programme in Slovakia ( only in Slovak)