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Slovakia: New minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport announced

Following the landslide victory in March of the SMER-SD party Slovakia’s prime minister-elect, Robert Fico, has picked Dušan Čaplovič as his nominee to head the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport. As SMER-SD received enough votes to form a one-party government, Mr. Čaplovič’s appointment is a mere formality at this point. He will officially assume his duties as the new minister following the inauguration on 4 April 2012.

Mr. Čaplovič has an academic background and was trained as an archaeologist and historian. He has previously served as deputy prime minister responsible for knowledge-based society issues, European affairs, human rights and minorities (2006 to 2010) and most recently as the chairman of Slovak parliament Committee on Education, Science, Youth and Sports since 2010. In the past, he has repeatedly expressed interest in the ministerial position to which he now ascends.

Although the exact shape of his reform agenda is at present largely unknown, credible news outlets in Slovakia have reported that he plans to enact major changes in the area of private higher education.

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