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Skills for Innovation and Research

OECD. Skills for Innovation and Research. OECD Publishing, 2011. ISBN 978-92-09747-6. Pages: 144.

As educational attainment has risen in OECD countries, so too has there been an expansion in the set of skills needed for keeping up with the demands of innovation. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to measure the relationship between human capital and innovation outputs and outcome; this ambiguous relationship can often impede appropriate and effective national policies promoting research, development and innovation. This OECD publication seeks to provide an overview of the existing literature and data to offer further insight into the relationship between  skills (across a broad range) and results in terms of innovation. Moreover, it aims to highlight policies that potentially enhance the development of skills necessary for innovation and showcases areas in which further analysis is needed.

The report identifies connections between skills and innovation at the country and industry levels by using a number of indicators and draws attention to the impact on innovation activity of international students in national tertiary enrolments. It also presents data on tertiary attainment levels, tertiary and doctoral graduates (including their fields of study), human resources for science and technology (HRST) and researchers as a broad indication of skill levels.

In regards to national policy, the report offers recommendations for linking developmental capacities of tertiary education to labour market demands such as

  • coordinating labour market and education policies;
  • improving data and analysis on graduates’ labour market outcomes;
  • strengthening career services at secondary and tertiary education levels;
  • reinforcing the capacity of institutions to respond to labour demand; and
  • exploring the potential of a national qualifications framework.
This publication is also available for purchase in E-Book format.

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