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Skilled labour initiative takes off in Germany

Starting in April, DAAD will be supporting over one hundred universities across Germany in training international students as future specialists, in a goal to double the number of international higher education graduates entering the German labour market every year.  

At the moment, 114 projects at 104 universities have been selected as part of the "Campus Initiative for International Talents". A total of around 120 million euros in funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is available for the initiative until 2028. 

The skilled labour initiative consists of two programme lines: “FIT” and "Pro plus”. As part of the “FIT” programme, universities can support international students seeking a degree in Germany with additional services during their studies as well as during their transition into the German labour market. This includes career-related counselling and support and the promotion of networking between universities, companies and business-related institutions. 

In the “Pro plus” programme line, German universities can promote the professional qualification of international academics with a foreign university degree. The programme provides international academics with additional specific knowledge for the German labour market and enables them to develop their language and social skills. Cooperations with German companies and institutions from the respective professional fields also make it possible to gain practical experience and build professional networks. 

Read more in the press release.