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Sizing up the competition

Koch, K. and Green, M. Sizing Up the Competition: The Future of International Postsecondary Student Enrollment. American Council on Education (ACE), 2009. Pages: 16.

This issue brief from the Center for International Initiatives (CII) at the American Council on Education (ACE) examines enrollment trends of internationally mobile tertiary students in five top destinations: the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia. It also looks at national scholarship programmes, visa policies, and recruitment initiatives in these countries. The report identifies several factors that could seriously affect the growth of international student enrollments in the US, among them are:

  •  the global financial crisis;
  •  the increasing domestic higher education capacity of countries currently sending students to the US; and
  • intensified recruiting by competing countries.

The report is available as a complimentary PDF on the ACE website.