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SIU reports record-high number of Norwegian Erasmus students

More Norwegian students than ever are making Erasmus part of their studies. In the academic year 2010/11, about 1 500 Norwegian students explored Europe through Erasmus. This is an all-time high, and an increase of 13% compared with the previous academic year. Great Britain is the most popular destination for Norwegian Erasmus students, followed by Germany, France, Denmark and Spain. Alf Rasmussen, Director General of the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU), is pleased to see more students taking advantage of Erasmus opportunities. “SIU has been working steadily to inform Norwegian students and institutions about Erasmus. We are pleased to see that this work, combined with the efforts of the institutions themselves, is now bearing fruit”, Rasmussen says.  Although not part of the European Union, Norway participates in Erasmus through the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement. The country received 3 877 European students through Erasmus in 2010/11. The total number of Norwegians studying abroad has been increasing steadily for the last four years, to about 22 000 in 2010/11.