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Shining brains in a dazzling place

Imagine a place with a Mediterranean climate, cajoling sunshine, silky wind, cadent guitar melody and the rhythm of Flamenco. Find yourself in a city with colourful gardens, fascinating streets, notable buildings and glamorous parts of the World heritage impressed by the Roman, the Islamic and the Christian cultures.  Yield to the temptation of the full richness of tastes: almond, orange, dates and fig, then a Salmorejo, Morcilla or Rabo de Toro with a glass of special vine, finishing with the sweet flavour of Pestiños and Alfajores.

After a refreshing nap, meet other hundreds of curios academics from all around the world who travelled there to spend an inspiring two days together exploring the gains and losses from student mobility and academic migration. Brains on the move. Be part of a stimulating discussion on the reasons or ‘drivers’ of the international movements, share and gain knowledge on the benefits and losses of mobility and migration for every stakeholder of European and global higher education. Who wins and who looses? Would you like to join us for this perfect combination of a professional, social and joyful occasion?

ACA would love to see you on its 2010 Annual Conference co-organised with, taking place in Córdoba, one of the most fantastic places in Spain, between 16-18 May.

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