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Scientific study shows timely closure of educational centres in Iran prevented more than 22 000 deaths

According to a report in Iran Front Page, the results of a scientific study show that the timely closure of educational centres in Iran has helped to prevent more than 22 000 deaths caused by the coronavirus.

Following the beginning of the outbreak, Iran closed down schools and universities in March to prevent further spreading of the virus until at least the end of the Iranian calendar year on 20 March. The university entrance exams for the Master of science as well as PhD degrees were also postponed. In April, the closure was further extended for universities and schools.

According to the report, these measures were quite literally lifesaving. The study conducted by the Kerman University of Medical sciences shows that 22 000 deaths by Covid-19 were prevented and that the measures helped reduce by 40 to 50% the number of people admitted to hospitals.

While some schools started reopening after Iran’s cases had been on the decline until May 2, the numbers started climbing again and new lockdowns in the south-western province were imposed, while schools continued reopening elsewhere.

Relaxation measures have since been announced from May 24 and universities will be allowed to hold final exams on June 6.

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