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Save the date: What’s new in Brussels 2020

It has become a tradition for ACA to its annual programme of seminars and conferences with its flagship event What’s new in Brussels. 2020 will be no exception to this rule. The event will take place in Brussels on 24 January 2020. We propose you block the date. You cannot register yet, but you will be able to do so from 6 December 2019 onwards at the latest.

The seminar’s main focus will be the Erasmus Programme. We will cover novelties in the present Erasmus+, but also and even more so we will present news about the programme’s future in the years from 2021 to 2027.

Very competent and well-informed speakers await you. Many are high-level representatives of the European Commission. We hope to be able to win the new Commissioner for Innovation and Youth, Mariya Gabriel, for the opening keynote. Further speakers are from universities across Europe, including such that have won funding in the European Universities Initiative, and representatives from Erasmus+ national agencies.

What’s new in Brussels will cover a wide range of issues, including, by way of example, Erasmus without paper, user-friendly, green and inclusive Erasmus and how much money for Erasmus.

An event you should not miss. Watch out for the announcement of the opening of registrations next week.