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Save the date – Are Trump, the Brexit and populism a danger to internationalisation?

ACA’s second European Policy Seminar of 2017 will be devoted to the impact of Donald Trump, of the Brexit and of the rise of populism more generally on internationalisation of higher education. Will the rise of populism and isolationism reduce the degree of international mobility and cooperation reached over the past decades? If not the volumes, will it change the forms and the face of internationalisation? Will the UK be able to participate in the Erasmus+ and the Horizon 2020 programmes? Will the US continue to attract the best talent and the best researchers and scientists from around the globe?

These are only some of many questions that the seminar “The future of internationalisation in a world of populism, isolationism, and increased tension” will address. The event will be held in Brussels on 30 March 2017. Most of the impressive speakers from the EU and the UK, from the US and from elsewhere in the world have already been confirmed.

We are going to open registrations for the seminar in about 10 days. Nevertheless, we suggest you mark the date already now.