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Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs goes headhunting in universities

At times of global economic downturn, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cristian Diaconescu, decides to make use of the higher education’s most precious output – the students. Unhappy with some aspects of the selection procedure for entering the ministry he runs, he strives to make sure that, in the future, only the best brains will enter instead. To this end, the Romanian official met, at the end of May, with the rectors and representatives of 14 national universities, proposing a partnership for the recruitment of students with 'diplomatic potential', straight from universities.

A team of officials from the ministry, coordinated by the state secretary for inter-institutional relations, Natalia Intotero, will make visits to the participating institutions to give presentations on the procedures and exams for entering the above mentioned ministry.

Indeed, a praiseworthy initiative meant to grant Romania an adequate representation in the international arena. Hopefully, once implemented, the new initiative will stop the circulating of rumours as to the not-so-orthodox means for entering the Romanian diplomacy. 

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs