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Return of winter failed to freeze passage to India

The 36th ACA European Policy Seminar held on March 14, despite the adverse weather conditions, turned out to be another well-attended event attracting some ninety participants to exchange their insights and the latest information about EU-India higher education cooperation.

India is a country of diversity. This applies to the different languages, cultures and religions found in the country, as well as the growing mix of private and public institutions in Indian higher education. Reliable information about Indian higher education is scarce, however. By bringing together the forerunners who have been working with Indian institutions, those currently active in the field and the onlookers searching for new opportunities in one of the BRIC countries, the ACA seminar has again proven to be the ideal platform for first-hand knowledge exchange.

The seminar began with a systemic overview of the latest developments in Indian higher education, followed by institutional practices and national and European policy frameworks. The day was concluded with an emphasis on “trust” by Ruth Kattumuri, who flew into Brussels at 4 a.m. the same day as a result of the snow.

The door to ACA’s 20th Anniversary Conference is now open. To book yourself a seat in De Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague on 9-11 June 2013, please follow the link below.

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