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Rethinking internationalization

Crowfoot, A.,  Debiais-Santon, V., Marinoni, G. Pendl, S.,  van’t Land, H. (2020). Rethinking internationalisation, in 360 upf. Pompeu Fabra University. Barcelona, Spain. 

For some time now, since well before the emergence of Covid-19, universities and international organisations have been reflecting on how the internationalisation of higher education should evolve. In this section of the 360 magazine of the Pompeu Fabra University, experts share their vision on how internationalisation will be reshaped over the following years. 

EUA’s Amanda Crowfoot, European Commission’s Vanessa Debiais-Santon and former EAIE’s president Sabine Pendl outline their respective visions for the higher education in the next decade. IUA’s Hilligje van’t Land and Giorgio Marinoni focus in their article on current challenges and whether they might increase inequality in international higher education or serve as an opportunity to make it more equal, ethical and fair. 

For more information, please see the full publication.