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Reshaping International Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Nixon, P., P. Dennen, V., Rawal, R. (2021) Reshaping International Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Routledge.

This volume provides a broad examination of how technology and globalisation have influenced contemporary higher education institutions and how moves towards internationalisation within and between educational providers continue to be a force of change in this context 

This book introduces content from around the world, emphasising the global importance of the internationalisation of education. Featuring contributions from some fresh young voices alongside the work of experienced and internationally renowned scholars, this collection 

  • critically scrutinises the potential of information and communication technologies (ICTs) on the capacities and patterns of university education; 
  • assesses and refines the contention that ICTs are facilitating the (re-)shaping of university  
  • practices as well as challenging traditional educational models and learning strategies; 
  • provides a comprehensive portrait of the ways in which ICT use engages higher education providers, society, and individuals to facilitate potentially more democratic, globally focussed access to knowledge generation, and  
  • examines the differing pace and scope of change in international educational practice and context between and within countries and disciplines. 

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