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Researching Academic Freedom: Guidelines and Sample Case Studies

Kinzelbac, Katrin. (2020) Researching Academic Freedom: Guidelines and Sample Case Studies. Centre for Human Rights Erlangen-Nürnberg Interdisziplinäres Zentrum der FAU (CHREN).  

Academic freedom is a prerequisite for research and innovation. A lively debate about this concept is taking place in the academic community, yet scholars have so far paid scant attention to the systematic study of its empirical manifestations. To facilitate in-depth research on both the realisation and the violation of academic freedom around the world, this book introduces case study guidelines as well as four sample studies that apply these guidelines to the country cases Brazil, Egypt, Ireland, and Russia. The book also includes an inventory of available data sources on academic freedom, providing guidance on how to draw on and contextualize these data in country-level assessments. The aim of this volume is to present and promote systematized and therefore comparable empirical research on academic freedom, while also fostering a community of scholars committed to developing this nascent field of interdisciplinary human rights research. 

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