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Report on Inclusion & Diversity in National Agencies

Just recently the SALTO Inclusion and Diversity (Education and Training) resource centre published a research report on the needs and challenges of national agencies related to the topic of inclusion and diversity.  The objective of this research was to provide valuable insights for the SALTO centre to help design and shape their future offer. The main task was thus to improve the understanding of the National Agencies’ practices in dealing with inclusion and diversity in implementing the Erasmus+ programme and challenges that they – and the applicants and beneficiaries in the programme – face.

Next to publishing the report, in the first months of 2023, SALTO centre hosted a three-day meeting of inclusion officers – national agency staff dedicated to provision of guidance and assistance to organisations interested in implementation of inclusive-minded projects. The interactive event consisted of panel discussions, workshops, presentations and inspirational success stories and was an opportunity for participants to learn about different ways of fostering and promoting inclusion in the Erasmus+ programme.

These activities are taking part under the umbrella of the SALTO resource centre dedicated to the topic of inclusion and diversity, inaugurated by the European commission in May 2022. SALTOs are a network of resource centres established with the aim of improving the quality and impact of the Erasmus+ programme at a systemic level. The SALTO Inclusion and Diversity (Education and Training) is run by the Croatian Erasmus+ national agency and covers all four programme areas in the field of education and training – school education, vocational education and training, higher education, adult education. Key activities of the centre are provision of support and development of resources related to promotion of inclusion and diversity in the Erasmus+ programme. The SALTO website features a dedicated section with various resources that can help the implementation of inclusive-minded projects and activities (publications, reports, guidelines, tools etc.), as well as a collection of inspiring stories about projects and organisations that were particularly successful in promoting the principles of inclusiveness, diversity, tolerance, equality and solidarity.

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