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Report on Higher Education by “Zukunft machen”

The Hochschul-Bildungs-Report is the central publication of the education initiative "Zukunft machen". This edition focuses on the skills which people need for their professional and social life in the years to come. Which are those skills and how must the education system evolve to make its contribution to teaching these skills? The study provides the relevant figures on the status of higher education in Germany in six fields of action along 70 indicators.
One key finding is that educational start-ups are increasingly stirring up the education market, also in the academic field. These relatively young and innovative companies and online platforms offer latest future-oriented skills combined with innovative revenue models. Learning is often project-based, individualized - tailored to individual learners or groups of learners - and oriented to the real-world application. Revenue models tend to keep monetary barriers low and range from freemium models (paying only for premium content), to subscriptions, to payment for course success.
The Hochschul-Bildungs-Report examines the success of education start-ups and highlights the areas where higher education can learn from them.

The Report can be found here (In German)