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Report on Germany’s investments in education in 2019

The newly published report on investments in education in Germany shows that an increase of EUR 4,6 Billion (as compared to the previous year) has been invested in education in 2019. This 3,5% growth leads to a total budget of 139 Billion Euro. However, funds for education only account for 4,3% of the GDP, an increase by only 0.1% compared to last year. Critics argue that an increase of funds for education by 0,3-0,4% of the GDP would be necessary to improve Germany’s performance in education.

Higher Education Institutions received a total of EUR 57,5 Billion, an increase by 35,9% compared to the previous year. Public institutions received the largest share of this budget. Germany spends EUR 9.700 on each person educated in primary-tertiary education and EUR 13.800 per person in tertiary education. This is above both the EU-average and the average within the OECD.

The report