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Reinventing Higher Education: The Promise of Innovation

Wildavsky, B., Kelly, A. P. & Carey, K. (Eds.). Reinventing Higher Education: The Promise of Innovation. Harvard Education Press, Harvard, 2011.  ISBN: 978-1-934742-87-7. Pages: 296. 

This book is a collection of essays exploring from different angles the capacity of higher education institutions in the United States to change and innovate. While it is generally recognised that the universities providing undergraduate education in the United States need to re-think many aspects of their work in view of both domestic problems and global issues, the degree of their readiness to embrace innovation varies a lot from ‘mass’ to ‘elite’ universities and from new to traditional institutions.

The book is illustrated with specific examples of educational innovation within the US. It is therefore particularly recommendable for those who follow developments in the US higher education sector and are interested in better understanding the ongoing debate in this area.

Harvard Education Publishing Group