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Registrations Open: ACA European Policy Seminar – Trump, the Brexit and other unwelcome developments

Already Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet found that “the time is out of joint”. We too live in times in which unwelcome developments abound. The Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as US President have not contributed to make this world a safer and more predictable place. This applies to all policy areas and it also goes for higher education and, in particular, internationalisation. ACA’s second European Policy Seminar in 2017 - entitled “The future of internationalisation in a world of populism, isolationism and increased tension” - will analyse the effects of Trump’s election and of the Brexit on higher education in the US and the UK, and on international cooperation (and competition) between higher education institutions in these two countries and in the European Union.


Will the rise of populism and isolationism revert the trend of the past thirty years of steep growth in international mobility and internationalisation? Even If it should not impact on volumes, it might on mobility flows and directions. Is the US under Trump likely to remain the most sought-after destination for students and scholars? Will the UK in the future fail to attract present numbers of European students, since the Brexit is likely to result in Europeans paying the same – high – tuition fees as Asians or Americans? Will European students move away from the UK and instead opt for the Nordic countries or the Netherlands, which have a rich offer of English-medium instruction?

These are only some of the issues that ACA’s second European Policy Seminar in 2017 will address. The event is expected to attract about 100 participants from universities, and policy-makers from European and international higher education associations, ministries of education, think tanks and staff of international organisations. The one-day event will take place in Brussels on 30 March 2017

Once again, ACA has won many renowned experts from the US, the UK and Europe as speakers. Demand for the seminar is considerable. Secure a place and register now.