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Reform in Slovakia: Realising the Bologna Process

SAIA, one of ACA’s Slovak members, informs us that on 1 September an amendment to the Slovak higher education act came into force.  The law

  • gives international students, participating in an institutional agreement or within the framework of an exchange programme, the same rights as regular Slovak students;
  • opens up the possibility of joint study programmes, national and international;
  • outlines the content of recognition of qualification certificates (e.g. diplomas) issued by higher education institutions outside Slovakia;
  • foresees the possibility for providers from EU member states and EFTA countries to apply for license to offer studies in the territory of the Slovak Republic in accordance with the law of their country of origin, on certain conditions. (No. 363/2007 of the Slovak Law Code).

These reforms are a large stride in the internationalisation of Slovak higher education.

Ministry of Education