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Reconstruction of education in Latin America

Schiefelbein, E. F. and McGinn, N. F. Learning to Educate: Proposals for the Reconstruction of Education in Latin America. UNESCO. 2008. ISBN: 978-92-3-104084-9. Pages: 394.

The key for Latin America to catch up with the rest of the world is "a broader view of education, and particularly teaching", claim Ernesto F. Schiefelbein and Noel F. McGinn with their recent UNESCO publication. After an in-depth analysis of various aspects of Latin American education systems and of educational policies, the authors advance a five points strategy to pledge major improvement in the quality of teaching and learning in Latin America:

  1. greater emphasis on learning how to learn;
  2. converting teachers from producers of learning to managers of learning;
  3. fundamental improvements in teacher training;
  4. shifting the emphasis for change from the central to the local level; and
  5. emphasising learning that will lead to increased freedom for all.

Although tailored for the Latin American countries, the strategy could be applied to other regions as well. The publication can be ordered from the UNESCO website.