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QS University Rankings 2015: Asia, Latin America and Arab Regions

China (excluding Hong Kong) placed a sole university in the top 10 –Peking University, in number 7 –but had the largest share of the spots in the rankings, with a whopping 74 institutions. Impressive, but not entirely surprising, given China’s population of 1.4 billion and its more than 2 000 universities and colleges. It is worth noting that a larger population does not always translate into more excellent universities, as can be gleaned from India’s 17 institutions in the top 300 despite India’s population of over 1.2 billion. India has considerably less universities than China: Roughly between 500 and 700, depending on how they are counted. 
And while we are on the topic of relative representativeness, Japan impressed with its 68 ‘top 300’ institutions, only slightly below China’s 74—even if it did not manage to place a university among the top 10. 
Latin America

While China led the rankings in Asia in sheer quantity, Brazil came on the top of the QS Latin America rankings, both in the top 10 and the top 300. Brazil indeed boasted the region’s two highest-ranked institutions, Universidade de São Paulo in first place and and Unicamp (Universidade estadual de Campinas) in the second place. Overall, Latin America’s largest nation placed 79 institutions among the top 300. Chile, with its relatively sparse population of 17 million, took the third and fourth places, with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad de Chile respectively. Therefore, despite only having a total of 30 institutions in the overall rankings, Chile remains, together with Brazil, considered a regional higher education powerhouse.  

Mexico and Colombia took the remaining three places in the top 10.  In the overall rankings, the representation of countries was as follows: Brazil (79 institutions), Mexico (47), Colombia (41), Argentina (36), Chile (30) and Peru (16). 

Arab Region

Other significant players in the region were Lebanon and Iraq, who did not make it into the exclusive top 10 club but nonetheless had 11 and 10 institutions among the top 100 respectively.