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Putting higher education to work: Skills and research for growth in East Asia

The World Bank. Putting higher education to work: Skills and research for growth in East Asia. World Bank, Washington DC, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-8213-8490-9. Pages: 246.

This newest regional report from the World Bank introduces a conceptual framework for the analysis of higher education in lower- and middle-income countries in East Asia. Specifically, it looks into how higher education can spur growth in East Asia and lift productivity and competitiveness by providing high-level skills demanded by the labour market, launching research needed for innovation and growth, and ensuring access to higher education.

A diagnostic of higher education in skills and research in East Asia, the report outlines key institutional disconnects within the ‘knowledge triangle’ and offers policy advice on how to better address these failures. Though this publication focuses on the developing countries of East Asia, its methodologies, messages, and analysis provide important resources for students, researchers and policy makers who study and shape the delivery of higher education and training in other regions around the world. Indeed, the central point of departure for this publication is that ‘employability’ is not just another buzz word, but rather is an imperative with rising relevance in all parts of the world, including East Asia.

The World Bank