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Publication of new ACA study on English-Taught Programmes in Europe

Starting from the beginning of January, the new ACA study mapping English-taught Program (ETPs) in Europe will be available. The publication covers 28 countries in continental Europe and included only programmes 100% taught in English, at the Bachelor and Master level. It will be available free of charge online as PDF, or in the printed version that could be purchased through the ACA Secretariat or through the Publisher - Lemmens.

At a first glance, the results of the study seem to confirm massive growth of English-taught programmes (ETPs). While the first study (2002) identified about 700 such programmes, the second one (2008) already found nearly 2 400; the present one identified over 8 000. However, there are signs which might indicate that the peak of growth in ETPs is behind us. Although numbers are still rising, since 2009 the growth curve seems to be flattening.

Furthermore, looking at the European average, only less than about 6% of all programmes on offer are ETPs and the study highlights that there are vast differences among countries. While the ETP offer is concentrated in the Netherlands, in Europe’s Nordic countries, and in the Baltics, the southern half of Europe is virtually ‘ETP abstentious’. Enrolment is low as well: on a European average, it accounts only 1.3% of total enrolment. In most European countries which attract substantial numbers of foreign students, and in particular larger ones such as France, Germany and Spain, the vast majority of foreign students are likely to enrol in programmes taught in the domestic language.