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Public Funding Observatory 2020/2021: part 2

Bennetot Pruvot, E., Estermann T., Stoyanova, H. (2021). Public Funding Observatory 2020/2021: part 2. European University Association.

The European University Association has published the second part of its annual Public Funding Observatory report, providing a detailed analysis of long-term university funding trends in the period from 2008 to 2019. It also offers an overview of the latest public funding developments in 2019 and 2020. Finally, it focuses on the new generation of EU funding programmes (2021-2027) and the new EU Recovery package and explores the stakes for universities.

This report is the second of a two-part flagship study and contains data from 32 university systems in Europe. It is accompanied by an online tool containing the full dataset on public funding to universities in Europe, as well as individual country sheets and a methodological note offering more details about the data sample and the research approach. The first part of this study, released in October 2020, provides a detailed picture of the immediate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on university funding and offers insight into the implications in the years to come.

Read the full report here.