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Provision of consultancy services for Education and Training 2010 programme

The European Commission is establishing a framework contract for the provision of services ensuring the expertise linked to implementation of the “Education & Training 2010” work programme. The principal work themes envisaged for 2006/2007 also relate to the priorities laid down as part of the follow-up to the Copenhagen Process in the field of vocational training. They are tackled through clusters of member states organising peer learning activities (PLAs) within countries, networks and working groups. The main themes covered by the clusters are:

  • Higher education modernisation;
  • teachers and trainers;
  • developing key competences for lifelong learning;
  • access and social inclusion;
  • making best use of resources;
  • eLearning: information and communication technologies (ICT) in teaching and training;
  • development of mathematics, science and technology learning;
  • validation of non-formal and informal education and training (learning outcomes).

Deadline: 21st August 2006

Framework contract for the provision of back-up consultancy services for the implementation of the Education and Training 2010 programme