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Providing Pathways for Refugees: Practical Tips for Credential Assessment

Loo, B. (2016). Recognizing refugee credentials: Practical tips for credential assessment. New York: World Education Services (WES). Pages: 32

The aim of this report is to share practical tips on how to recognise credentials, or adapt practices to provide an alternative form of credential assessment for refugees who cannot meet documentation requirements. It is an overview of WES’s extensive research on worldwide practices in the assessment of credentials and qualifications of refugees and other displaced individuals. It seeks to provide educational institutions, licensing bodies, and employers – particularly in North America – with an understanding of promising and actionable practices for recognising the qualifications, credentials and abilities of students and trained professionals. The report primarily contextualises findings for Canada and the U.S but addresses some cases in Europe as well.

This report includes:

  • An overview of the challenges in assessing the credentials of refugee students and professionals
  • Basic legal and theoretical frameworks in assessing such credentials
  • An overview of recommended practices to help institutions recognise refugee applicants qualifications when full, official or verifiable documentation is missing
  • Alternative methods for recognising refugee qualifications when it is not possible to recognise the applicant’s full claimed background

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