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Progress towards Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association at student seminar

Following the success of last year’s Erasmus Mundus student seminar, the European Commission held a second seminar on 16 and 17 June 2006 in Brussels. The seminar was attended by about 150 participants (students from all Erasmus Mundus master courses, project coordinators and representatives of the Erasmus Mundus National Structures). Mr. Jan Figel, the Education and Culture Commissioner, delivered the main plenary address. ACA was present at the seminar for two reasons: first, it was invited to present the results of the study on perceptions of European higher education. Second and most importantly, the Erasmus Mundus Alumni association (EMA), on which ACA is currently working, was a major agenda item.

The event achieved considerable progress towards the creation of the Erasmus Mundus Alumni association.

  • The main features of the EMA were discussed by the plenary in a first step. Students endorsed the European Commission’s proposal that the EMA be established as a service, with an accompanying student and alumni “launch committee” (leading to a later steering committee).
  • A reduced group of 33 students (one representative per course, mandated by the plenary) further discussed the organisational structure of and services to be provided by the EMA in a separate workshop. This group designated the launch committee, composed of seven communicators of working groups on different services to be provided by the EMA.

ACA is looking forward to further working with the Erasmus Mundus student representatives and with the European Commission on the establishment of what will hopefully be a long-lasting and successful association.

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