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PROFFORMANCE+ Webinar Spotlights Student Assessment Innovation

On June 6, 2023, the second PROFFORMANCE+ thematic webinar, focusing on “Assessment of Students' Learning”, engaged over 120 higher education educators from the EHEA. Showcasing innovative practices, the event sparked discussions about transforming assessment methods and student learning journeys.

The practices originated from the PROFFORMANCE teaching excellence database, a repository of 120 international good practices. Post-presentation, participants dived deeper into the specific aspects of their chosen assessment practice, learning about its implementation, adaptability, and applicability across various study fields.

The webinar also introduced the PROFFORMANCE Assessment Tool, a comprehensive tool designed to provide an intricate snapshot of teacher performance. The event concluded by fostering networking opportunities and planting the seeds for future international collaborations.

For updates on upcoming webinars, visit the PROFFORMANCE+ project website.