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PROFFORMANCE Project Wins Prestigious Award for Digitalization

The PROFFORMANCE project has won the EURASHE 2023 PHE Star Award for Digitalization during the European organization's annual conference in Bucharest. The project, presented by Jan Beseda (Centre for Higher Education Studies, Czech Republic), was recognized for its innovative assessment tool that helps prepare students for future jobs by identifying necessary teaching competences.

In the PROFFORMANCE project, a consortium of six countries, with the involvement of several experts, developed the PROFFORMANCE Assessment Tool. The tool is currently being further developed in the PROFFORMANCE+ project, which includes five countries and an updated expert team. The three-dimensional Assessment Tool offers a complex and comprehensive system to assess the roles, responsibilities and competences of teachers in higher education. It focuses particularly on the EHEA's priorities (digitalisation, inclusion, internationalisation, and sustainability) from the perspective of teachers, their peers, and students. ACA member Tempus Public Foundation and the Hungarian Ministry of Culture and Innovation coordinate the project; the partner delegating the award-receiving expert is the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research, also an ACA member. ACA as an organization is one of the project's associated members.

The award has spurred the consortium to continue their pursuit of excellence in teacher development and the use of digital tools to improve the learning experience. For further details, the official PROFFORMANCE website and LinkedIn page provide updates and professional material.

For further information, visit the official PROFFORMANCE website and LinkedIn page.