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Prior information notice on tender to write EU history

This call for tender regards the production of an internal history of the European Commission covering the period 1973–1986. This will firstly involve collecting living memories from some 250 former civil servants and other parties involved with the European Commission during the period stipulated, by means of interviews based on a scientific method. On this basis, a historical work must be compiled for 2011. Said work may be published and made available to the general public, in order to make the history of the institution better known.

The aim of this call for tenders is to select an academic group of high-quality historians from the EC Member States in the given period. The nature of the project requires in-depth knowledge of the history of European integration and the functioning of the EU institutions, as well as sound experience in oral history. Clarifications regarding economic, legal and political science aspects will also be required. Finally, the group must furnish detailed original illustrations in order to make the work more attractive and educational.

Scheduled date for start of award procedures: 31 May 2008

Total budget:  EUR 700 000–EUR 900 000.

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