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Pressure from international organisations grows following the expulsion of Belarus State Economic University student

Following the decision by Belarus State Economic University to suspend 4th year student, Ms Tatsiana Khoma, for participating in a meeting hosted by the National Unions of Students in Europe (ESIB) without the University’s permission, the European University Association (EUA) has decided to suspend the University’s membership and also urge all its members to cease any co-operation with the institution.

The EUA decision to suspend the University’s membership is a reflection of the growing international concern in response to the actions of Professor Shimov, the Rector of the University which expelled Ms Khoma. EUA President had little choice but to suspend the University membership after previously expressing disapproval at its actions, hoping the Rector would reinstate the Ms Khoma. However Professor Shimov has stood firm over his decision, expressing that Ms Khoma’s expulsion was in ‘accordance with the norms of the Republic of Belarus legislation in the field of education’. Yet his more recent announcement that Tatsiana is only one of many students to be expelled from the institution highlights a growing concern that a student’s basic human right to movement and travel is being violated. Thus international pressure has grown from both the EUA and ESIB to reinstate Ms Khoma at the university and to continue her studies and other activities on behalf of students free from harassment.

Statement from Professor Shimov