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Position Paper on the future of Erasmus+: The National Agency for Erasmus+ in the DAAD

The National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation, Erasmus+ in the DAAD has published a position paper on the development of Erasmus+ in the second half of the programme period and the design of the next programme generation, due to start in 2021.

The paper argues for maintaining the current structure of the programme, thereby allowing for continuity, while proposing a set of measures that adapt the programme to new challenges, such as:

  • The integration of virtual opportunities in the programme
  • Support to higher education institutions in taking a strong role within their communities
  • Using the potential of Erasmus+ alumni
  • Putting end-users at the centre of the programme’s communication & facilitate access
  • Providing flexibility and enhancing funding measures. This includes, among other, the continuation of decentralised implementation of Strategic Partnerships, strengthening the international dimension of higher education and integrating the national programme ‘Europe meets School’ in Erasmus+
  • An increase in funding for the programme to ensure adequate support towards meeting the programme’s goals

The paper builds upon the common position of Erasmus+ National Agencies for education and training that was issued in March 2017. The DAAD paper was submitted under the European Commission’s public consultation for the interim evaluation of Erasmus+.

Development of Erasmus+ in the second half of the programme period and the design of the subsequent programme generation (2021-2027) – Full position paper