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Policy report on the “2030 Vision” is published

A long-awaited policy report “Towards a 2030 Vision on the Future of Universities in Europe” was published in October 2020.  This independent study report by the Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services LLP (CSES) identifies the needs and priority challenges that many universities will face, and then unbundles R&I needs across a number of specific areas.

It should server as the basis for the discussions primarily on how higher education institutions can contribute to recently revitalised European Research Area (ERA) with all accompanying synergies.

The vision is grouped in the following “transformation modules”:

  1. Governance issues for the 2030 Vision and legal framework for university cooperation in research and innovation
  2. Maintaining trust and research integrity
  3. A strategic European Research and Innovation agenda: the central role of
  4. universities as research actors
  5. Strengthening human capital and working conditions in universities
  6. Fostering increased knowledge transfer and collaboration between academia
  7. and non-academic sectors
  8. Knowledge-driven universities in the context of digital changes – the transition
  9. to open science (through FAIR and open data), open access and open education
  10. Optimising universities’ role in research infrastructures

ACA contributed to the report by participating in the stakeholder workshop and providing an input paper based on consultation with the members.

Full paper: European Commission