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Poland: New bill boosts funding for top graduate enrolment

Since January a new law for higher education has entered into force, that brings funding to Poland’s public universities for the enrolment of top graduates into Bachelors and .

The best graduates that will bring money to universities are defined as those who score 85% points or above in their advanced level subject exam. An annual threshold of 79 million Zloty (about EUR 18.2 million) that will be spilled out to universities has been set, and 7000 Zlotys (about EUR1600) are granted per recruited student with the best exit exams.

The amendments to the law bring the discontinuation of ‘the competition for the National Leading Research Centres’ (KNOW). Funds gained are to feed into the pot that will reward top graduate enrolment.  Previously those units with the highest scientific potential could be awarded ‘the KNOW status’ and the eleven centres currently holding this status continuing to receive anticipated funding until their status expires. The bill brings a further closure, relating to the discontinuation of the Student Loan Committee. With the aim of improving recovery procedures of loans – the need of the committee to judge recovery requests causing lengthy procedures - decisional powers are now allocated to the Minister of Science.   

On another note, the Polish Ministry of Science also rolls out 500 new scholarships for 2017/18 that will be awarded for ‘implementation Doctorates’. Doctorate students, in a 4 year degree, that conduct research in an enterprise will be co-financed with the amount of 2450 zloty (about EUR 560) monthly, that is matched by a salary from the employer for the ‘implementation research’ rendered.

Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education - New bill on funding for graduate enrolment

Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education - 500 new scholarships for implementation doctorates