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Plans for the start of the academic year in Slovenia

The new school and academic year is approaching fast, therefore Slovenian schools and higher education institutions are busy with preparations especially considering the situation with covid-19 pandemic. All educational sectors except tertiary will start their school year "normally" meaning physically accompanied with all recommended precaution measures. The universities however will (in majority) start the academic year in the so-called hybrid way of lectures – one group will be present in the classroom, while the other group will listen to class remotely from home. The following week the groups will then swap places. The methods may differ from faculty to faculty, from programme to programme, depending on enrolment numbers and programme’s needs. The delivery of class may also change based on the measures prescribed nationally due to the pandemic. The universities are also organising the accommodation for international and exchange students, especially for those that will need to undergo quarantine for two weeks upon their arrival. More detailed relevant information may be found here and here