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Pilot project to support research cooperation between research institutions from EU and China

The Science & Technology Fellowship Programme in China (STF CHINA) offers to researchers from EU member states financial support of about EUR 50 000 per fellow and a unique opportunity to:

  • participate in a 6-month Chinese research culture and language training in Beijing and
  • to conduct an 18-month practical research programme at a Chinese host institution.
  • To network with STF fellows including support to the formation and functioning of an STF fellow alumni organisation

The aims of the programme are to foster the mobility of EU researchers towards the Chinese research and development area, to successfully develop meaningful and long-lasting contacts, and to sustain the links and research partnerships between EU and Chinese research institutions.

The programme is open to all disciplines. The European sending organisation may be any public or private scientific or research & development institution from an EU member state, that has either already established or can convincingly demonstrate an interest in establishing scientific co-operation with China. The Chinese host organisation may be any Chinese National Research Laboratory or a public or private University laboratory.

Deadline: 5 September 2008

Science and Technology Fellowship Programme in China