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‘People programme’, UK outlines next steps for FP7

The future budget of the most ambitious Framework Programme (FP7) ever has yet to be decided.  However, the UK Presidency is taking steps towards a next draft of the FP7 proposal (next steps are highlighted below). With an overall budget of nearly €65 billion, the current proposal is double the annual spending of FP6.  The initiative revolves around four specific programmes: Co-operation, Ideas, People and Capacities.

The ‘People’ programme will establish a coherent set of Marie Curie Actions – which began purely as mobility fellowships but are now becoming comprehensive research career development tools – addressing researchers at all stages of their professional lives, from early-stage research training to lifelong training opportunities. The main lines of the Marie Curie Actions under the ‘People’ programme are:

  • The initial training of researchers and the attraction of young people to research careers
  • The life-long training and career development of experienced researchers
  • Creating dynamic pathways for knowledge sharing between public research organisations and enterprises, and a greater involvement of enterprises in EU-backed career development efforts
  • Fostering the international dimension in research training and strengthening international co-operation through researchers
  • Measures, including awards, in support of the creation of a genuine European labour market for researchers

Next steps:

Based off the most recent Competitiveness Council debate, the UK presidency will compile the feedback on all four specific programmes.  With this information, the UK presidency is planning a partial redraft of the FP7 proposal which will serve as a basis for reaching a partial general approach to be discussed in the Competitiveness Council by its next meeting on 28-29 November 2005.

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Competitiveness Council press release 11 October 2005
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