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OPENING SOON: Call for Proposals: H2020-INT-SOCIETY-2015 – Europe as a Global Actor

The Call asks for a research that will analyse and compare in depth EU and EU Member States’ bi- and multilateral cultural relations with major third countries and regions in EU's neighbourhood and beyond, as well as international organizations. It should emphasize the institutional set-up, aims, processes and contents of the EU's external cultural activities and how cultural issues are embedded into its external relations more generally as well as examine how successful these activities are in building relationships. As part of this exercise, science and technology cooperation - as significant complement of cultural diplomacy - should explicitly be examined. The role of the Council of Europe and the multilateral dimensions of global cultural relations within UNESCO should equally be investigated. 

The participation of international partners in proposals submitted to this call is encouraged.

Opening Date: 12 December 2014
Deadline: 28 May 2015
Budget: EUR 25 million