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Open tender on the creation of a global university ranking

The European Commission has published a call for tenders on 'Designing and testing the feasibility of a multi-dimensional Global University Ranking'.

The new ranking to be designed and tested would aim to make it possible to compare and benchmark similar institutions within and outside the EU, both at the level of the institution as a whole, but also at the level of different study fields. This should help institutions to better position themselves and improve their development strategies, quality and performance. Accessible, transparent and comparable information will make it easier for stakeholders and, in particular, for students to make informed choices between the different institutions and their programmes. Many existing rankings do not fulfil this purpose, because they only focus on certain aspects of research and on entire institutions, rather than on individual programmes and disciplines. The project will cover all types of universities and other higher education institutions, including research institutes.

Budget: maximum estimated value (excluding VAT) EUR 1 100 000

Deadline: 27 February 2009 

European Commission