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Open call for tender EAC/31/2012 – Establishing a European Tertiary Education Register (ETER)

The objective of the tender is to establish a European Tertiary Education Register (ETER), a key deliverable of the European higher education modernisation agenda. The ETER project should take account of the results of the feasibility study for creating a European university data collection (EUMIDA feasibility study), the variables used in the study being the starting point for building a regular ETER. The data in the Register should allow a quantitative characterization on inputs and outputs for the purposes of a richer analysis of higher education institutions’ activities such as mapping, benchmarking, efficiency analysis, studies of differentiation, etc.

The contractor will contribute as follows:

  • Develop and review the data collection/variables tested during the EUMIDA feasibility study to characterize higher education institutions; 
  • Ensure that the data are collected, processed, validated and prepared for publication.
  • Suggest and test possible new indicators not tested in EUMIDA;
  • Address the challenges identified in the EUMIDA feasibility study; 
  • Investigate the possibilities for coordinating the reporting with data already collected in the Member States, including liaising with the U-Multirank project.
Budget: EUR 500 000 Deadline: 6 May 2013 More information on this call is available on the European Commission’s website.