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OECD: The Nature of Problem Solving

Csapó, B. and J. Funke (eds.) (2017), The Nature of Problem Solving: Using Research to Inspire 21st Century Learning, OECD Publishing, Paris. doi: 10.1787/9789264273955, Pages: 276

The Nature of Problem Solving presents the background and the main ideas behind the development of the PISA 2012 assessment of problem solving, as well as results from research collaborations that originated within the group of experts who guided the development of this assessment. It illustrates the past, present and future of problem-solving research and how this research is helping educators prepare students to navigate an increasingly uncertain, ambiguous world.

While problem solving is regarded as a rather intuitive and all-persuasive concept, the authors argue there is a need for a conceptual and methodological basis for the definition, operationalisation and, measurement of such skills. The book seeks to fill this gap, exploring the structure of problem solving, the PISA assessment of problem solving, as well as empirical results. The book also lays out methodological avenues, and includes a study on specific problem-solving strategies.